How could I possible resist publishing this press release!

Renee Ferguson, the cookbook author that Bobby Flay deemed “the queen of all things Thanksgiving” is now offering her critically acclaimed holiday cookbook TALK TURKEY TO ME as an eBook in formats available for digital platforms, including the iPad, Nook, Kindle, PC, Mac and most eBook readers. The new e-cookbook is available for $9.99 at

“Since I published the paper-based first edition of my book in 2006, smart phones, digital readers and the iPad have revolutionized how cooks shop for their ingredients, search for and follow their recipes. My new digital eBook is designed to meet them where they live and cook,” explained Ferguson, whose epic turkey Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network is currently a featured on-demand program on cable networks throughout the U.S.

A former Butterball turkey hotline operator, Ferguson prevented culinary catastrophes during the holidays for 17 years on the 1-800 line, and entertained family and friends with her hilarious anecdotes from the seasonal job. She decided to put it all down on paper – part confessional, part culinary companion – and the end result was TALK TURKEY TO ME, a cookbook that thrust her into the limelight as America’s favorite turkey expert, with stints on QVC, WGN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Oprah & Friends Thanksgiving Special and coveted endorsements from and Southern Living magazine. The 185-page TALK TURKEY TO ME includes cooking time guides and more than 80 delicious side dish recipes, from appetizers to desserts, relevant year ’round.

“There are few times in life where the pressure is greater than it is while trying to cook the perfect holiday dinner and meet everyone’s expectations. My cookbook is there to instill confidence, offer proven techniques and recipes, and also reaffirm that no matter how zany your situation, someone out there has a holiday cooking disaster story that will make you feel better!” Ferguson confided. For more information on the paper-based version of TALK TURKEY TO ME, please visit


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