cool-kindleIs the Kindle “cool”? Amazon sure wants to make it look that way with the new print and panel ads it’s running in the United Kingdom.

The campaign, which also sees full-page broadsheet newspaper advertisements and extensive panels on both overground and Underground rail, has the slogan #haveKINDLEwillTRAVEL and features the device and users in various exotic locations around the world. Amazon is also cleverly encouraging Kindle owners to post their ‘Kindle travel’ pics on Instagram at the same address — so this is really a global campaign. Why pay any extra when you can let the public continue your campaign free of charge.

I suppose it’s just about time, really. The Kindle’s been around long enough that people are starting to take it for granted. An ad campaign like this might not only sell more Kindles, it might remind the people who already have them how cool they really are, and so they should read more e-books with them. And hey, why not?

In the end, though, it’s probably just another forgettable ad campaign like the one with the sunglasses.


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