An iconoclastic company introduces a new cell phone, and announces it will be available exclusively through AT&T. Anyone feel like it’s 2007 again?

The Wall Street Journal reports (paywalled; google the headline to get the full article) that anonymous sources have revealed Amazon’s new smartphone, to be announced tomorrow, will be available exclusively through AT&T. AT&T is already the service provider for Kindle tablets and e-readers, so it’s not exactly a surprise. It’s amusing that Amazon is taking a page from its rival Apple’s book, with Apple’s very own former dance partner yet. I suppose AT&T’s been hurting a bit since the iPhone exclusivity period ended.

The article also retreads the 3D hologram prediction that everyone’s been making. It will be interesting to see what the actual capabilities of the phone really are.


  1. Well, at least I’m on AT&T, assuming the phone’s worth looking at. It’s on my list as a possible upgrade option, although it could move off the list really fast tomorrow, depending on features and price.

  2. Well, crud. I would have loved to look at this as an option, but AT&T has lousy coverage in my semi-rural area. Sour grapes has me hoping the phone has only mediocre features, but given how much I love my Kindle and KindleFire, what are the odds?

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