usb-c-wins-it-all1-640x360Remember the horror stories we’ve carried about USB-C cables that could potentially brick your e-reader? Happily, Amazon has finally taken notice. TechCrunch and various other sites are reporting that Amazon has tightened up its regulations on USB-C cables, so it will no longer carry products that are not compliant with standard USB specifications.

The announcement was spotted by Google engineer Benson Leung, who has become known for meticulously reviewing USB-C cables on Amazon after one destroyed his Pixel C tablet. Leung cheers the news, but reminds us that we need to “continue to be vigilant” for bad products, both on Amazon and in brick and mortar stores.

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  1. These aren’t the only trashy products being sold on Amazon. Look at the fake Apple products for example. They’re poor imitations typically sold on direct-from-China websites like AliExpress for a pittance. Imported, the same junk is marked up five-fold and put on Amazon, where it draws a long chain of one-star, ‘broke when I got it’ reviews. There’s no excuse for Amazon to host such sellers.

    Far too much of what’s sold on Amazon is done so under the “let the buyer beware” policy.


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