You notice that Amazon seems to be treating Barnes & Noble as its research lab lately? B&N launches a touch-sensitive reader, so does Amazon. B&N comes out with an Android tablet, so does Amazon. Now, if a rumor reported by Reuters can be believed, it seems Amazon is eyeing the front-lit Nook GlowLight as its next xerox target.

On the positive side, a reader with a light built in would mean no more clipping on external lights to read in the dark. However, it would use up battery power faster.

Right now, this is only a rumor, and it will probably stay that way until Amazon is ready to announce it. Still, it sounds plausible from here—certainly a lot more so than a color e-ink Kindle.

The anonymous source also mentioned an 8.9” Kindle Fire planned for release closer to the holiday season. Not that this is particularly surprising, since there have been rumors of an iPad-sized Fire ever since the smaller one came out last year.


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