It might be a bit surprising, but one of our most popular articles here at TeleRead deals not with books but rather with video—in particular, how to use a Flash-enabled web browser to watch Amazon Prime streaming videos on Android devices. Since there’s no native Android player application for the service, the way there are for Kindle Fire and iOS devices, this workaround has been the best that Android owners can do. (And even that didn’t work outside of the US.)

Until now. PC Advisor reports that Amazon Instant Video marketing director Russell Morris said at an event in London that the launch of an Android Instant Video app is “imminent.” Details are sparse about how “imminent” is “imminent,” and whether the app will work on both smartphones and tablets, but one thing’s for sure: it’s certainly about time they got around to this. (Amazon also announced it will be adding 4K content, and shooting all its new series in 4K Ultra HD.)

The only down side is that this probably means people will probably no longer be able to get Amazon to give them a discount on their Prime service for not having a compatible device.


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