Well, that sure took long enough. Two years after the service launched, Amazon Prime Now delivery has finally made the leap from a mobile-only service to having a web ordering window. You can now go to PrimeNow’s website, enter your zip code to check availability, and then—if you’re fortunate enough to live in a city with PrimeNow service—place an order for a variety of grocery, electronics, Amazon devices such as e-readers, printed books, and other goods Amazon carries. The selection is not as wide as Amazon.com offers, but it’s nonetheless pretty decent—especially when you consider you can have it delivered within two hours for free (not counting a tip based on the amount you order), or within one hour for an extra $8 if you’re a Prime subscriber.

The times I’ve ordered from Amazon Prime, the products have all arrived quickly and in good order. If you live in a city that offers the service, it might just be worth checking out. It’s nice to know more convenient options for ordering items for swift delivery are becoming available, in any event.


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