From Shelf Awareness:

Amazon Publishing will launch its newest imprint,Montlake Romance, with Connie Brockway’s The Other Guy’s Bride, scheduled for release this fall. The imprint, which takes its name from the central Seattle neighborhood of Montlake, will publish romantic suspense and contemporary and historic romance novels, as well as fantasy and paranormal. 

“Romance is one of our biggest and fastest growing categories, particularly among Kindle customers, so we can’t wait to make The Other Guy’s Bride and other compelling titles available to romance fans around the world,” said Jeff Belle, v-p, Amazon Publishing. “We also know our customers enjoy genre fiction of all kinds, so we are busy building publishing businesses that will focus on additional genres as well.”


  1. The key clause here being “available to romance fans around the world”.

    Q: What do you do when your suppliers refuse to allow you to sell products your customers want?

    A: Kick your suppliers to the curb and go into production for yourself.

  2. Agreed Peter, I think it’s fabulous news for authors and readers everywhere. Amazon is capitalizing on removing artificial restrictions on geographic regions, price, and production. Good for them and for us.

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