amazon-kindle-storeBusiness Insider reports on Amazon’s new HTML5 iPad web app store, Accessible from the “Kindle Store” section of Amazon’s website (if you’re browsing from Mobile Safari on the iPad), tapping the bookmark icon and choosing “Add to Home Screen” adds a slick-looking “Kindle Store” icon to your launcher that you can tap on to open the store in Mobile Safari. Choosing a sample or buying a book offers the choice of sending it to the Kindle iPad app or opening it in the web-based reader.

This is, of course, Amazon’s end run around Apple’s restrictions on in-app purchases—a way to provide an iPad-based Kindle store without having to give Apple 30% of its revenue. (An iPhone version will reportedly be out soon.) It looks just like any other application on the iPad, but as a web app it is not subject to Apple’s requirements. It looks very well-polished, and will undoubtedly help drive more revenue to Amazon.


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