VonnegutAmazon’s fanfic publishing arm Kindle Worlds has expanded. The company announced seven new additions on Wednesday.

One of the biggest names is Veronica Mars.

“Veronica Mars’ fans are amazingly loyal and anything we can do to give them more access to her world and that of her character is great,” said Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas in a release. “I’m looking forward to seeing what new worlds and characters are created by fans and Kindle Worlds writers.”

On Fanfiction.net, a popular site dedicated to the genre, Veronica Mars has close to 4,000 stories.

With a Veronica Mars forthcoming movie, the timing of this announcement doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

The newest Kindle Worlds also includes G.I. Joe, the HASBRO toy that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Writers can use characters such as Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander in their stories.

In addition, Kindle Worlds has included Ravenswood (a spinoff of Pretty Little Liars), The Abnorm Chronicles, The Lizzy Gardner Files, Quantum and Woody, and Eternal Warrior.

“Kindle Worlds continues to grow quickly with new licenses across the pop culture spectrum, and we are excited to expand our World selection for writers,” said Nick Loeffler, General Manager of Kindle Worlds in a release. “In just a few months since our launch, we’ve published hundreds of new stories with great customer reviews reflecting the high quality of so many of these submissions. While it’s very early days, we are thrilled with the initial reception from licensors and readers and look forward to adding additional Worlds soon.”

Kindle Worlds launched in June 2013 with several worlds including the Silo Saga (Hugh Howey). Other worlds include The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, the world of Kurt Vonnegut and a number of comics including Harbinger and Shadowman.

Many fanfic fans might be wondering – when does Supernatural join the list?

Read more about Kindle Worlds here, including the terms for writers.


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