The Amazon PR machine is still going. In response to customers upset about the recent changes to Amazon Prime account benefits—decreasing the number of adults allowed on an account from 4 to 2, and requiring they use the same credit cards—Amazon insisted that the changes were meant to benefit Amazon users by bringing Prime sharing more in line with the way families use their Prime accounts.

Despite the concerns raised, [Amazon spokeswoman Julie] Law said the changes were not made for financial reasons. "It was how do we allow people to share more of their benefits — particularly Prime Instant Video — among a family," she said.

She added that Amazon doesn’t actively seek out people skirting the rules on their memberships. So, not only are those grandfathered accounts still active, but also users who have shared one account log-in with multiple family members will likely still be able to do that without getting a nasty call from CEO Jeff Bezos.

Of course, Prime subscribers won’t be able to share their accounts with multiple family members in the future. A pity, that. But then, it does tend to defeat the intended purpose of sharing Prime benefits, anyway.


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