amazonAmazon is growing its publishing arm.

The company announced Day One, a weekly digital publication dedicated to short fiction and poetry.

The work will focus on one writer and one poet each week, and will include stories translated to English from around the world. Amazon doesn’t plan on using well-known authors, but emerging writers to be featured in Day One.

The first issue came out today with a short story from Rebecca Adams Wright, Sheila, and Wrought, a poem by Zack Straight.

A yearly subscription to Day One will cost $9.99 right now as an introductory offer, but Amazon will bump it to regular price of $19.99. One issue seems to cost $1.99, according to Amazon’s site – thus making a yearly subscription the friendlier option on your wallet.

The weekly publication will be delivered to Kindle and Kindle apps every week.

In addition, the artwork on the cover will also be a focus. Amazon will commission work upcoming artists and illustrators.

The magazine will also have interviews with the authors and artists.

This seems like a way for Amazon to get upcoming writers who can potentially become well-known authors. It seems it’s been tough for Amazon to sign big names to its publishing outfit. However, if it creates goodwill with someone by giving them an opportunity when others may not, then that person may show loyalty down the line if their career takes off.

This seems like an interesting venture from Amazon at this point in the game.

What do you think of Amazon’s new publication?

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