Aluratek libre air 1112851 g1

Much more in the review:

E-readers don’t get much smaller than the 6-ounce Aluratek Libre Air, which measures 6.0 by 4.1 by 0.4 inches. But this tiny package holds a lot of useful technology, including Wi-Fi integration with an online bookstore offering both commercial and free content.

Successor to the Aluratek Libre Pro ( ), which did not support Wi-Fi, the Air immediately distinguishes itself from the pack with its unusual display. The Libre Air has a 5-inch, 480-by-640-pixel reflective-light LCD that does not depend on backlighting and is therefore readable in bright sunlight. And because it’s an LCD, it’s more responsive (no wait or flicker between page turns) than the E Ink screens found in most e-readers.

The Libre Air does not have a touchscreen, though. You navigate through a combination of buttons, including a four-way pad on the center of the front bezel, plus menu, home, and return/back buttons at the center bottom. The pad moves you through menus or lists of items, while the context-sensitive menu button brings up options relative to the current display.



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