Adobe is building an infrastructure to let people create their own mobile apps without having to program. It seems to be focused primarily around displaying content on mobile devices.

Essentially, this is a web content management system (CMS) adapted to mobile, with the ability to build a pretty container around the content. Ultimately, however, Adobe wants to tie it into its professional app-building infrastructure, powered by PhoneGap, which enables not just content but interactivity and, for lack of a better word, the do-stuff-experiences that only real software can deliver.

“Right now you can extend these apps with HTML,” Bogaty told me. “We’re looking at allowing our customers to create custom code in PhoneGap and then add to Adobe Digital Publishing solution apps.”

Adobe is definitely all about content—Acrobat Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, and so on. And the tool can integrate with sites built in Adobe Experience Manager, WordPress, or Drupal. The idea is to let brands create something that looks like their site—not just something generic churned out like sausage from a machine.

I wonder if something like that might be used to create a real mobile TeleRead app? Worth a thought, maybe. But then again, I usually just read TeleRead on an RSS reader or a mobile web browser anyway.


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