Standing Protective Case for Fire HD 6A new device means purchasing a new cover or case, and I decided to go for the official Amazon Standing Protective Case for Fire HD 6. I had looked at an M-Edge case in Best Buy, and I usually like their products. It was about $5 cheaper, but I ended up going with the Amazon case. Why? Because it had a magnet for auto sleep/wake and the M-Edge case didn’t. I put up with a non-magnet case for my iPad because I can turn it on with the home button. On a device without a home button, I learned a long time ago that a magnetic case is a must have.

All good reasons, and I left Best Buy well satisfied. Several weeks later, I think this is the best tablet case I’ve ever owned.

It is slim and adds hardly any bulk to the Fire. It does, however, add a surprising amount of weight. That’s not a criticism, though. I find I like the weight. It makes the tablet feel more solid and of higher quality. There’s actually data to back that up. We tend to think that weight=quality (which does seem to fly in the face of tablets becoming lighter and lighter). It certainly works for me. When it’s in the case, I feel like I’m carrying around a premium device, not something that cost less than $100.

But that’s not all. The case folds all the way back, and the magnet holds it in place, making one-handed use easy. Now if Amazon would only implement the same "tap zones" in the Fire that they have in the eInk Kindles. That would make the Fire HD 6 one of the best one-handed ereading devices on the market.

81X7Tg67YqL._SL1500_Here’s the coolest part, and it took me a couple of days to figure out how it worked. Fold the cover back. Then fold again along the grooves. It make the case into a stand which works well in either portrait or landscape orientation. Many of the reviews on Amazon said it wasn’t sturdy, but I think they just weren’t folding it right. For the first day or so, yes, it fell over all the time, but once I figured out to let the cover fold all the way back and lock in place with the magnets, it worked perfectly. The Fire is now my favorite "read while eating" device because I don’t need a separate stand to make it stand up in portrait. Most tablet covers only work as stands in landscape, but this one goes both ways.

81ieWfdrO0L._SL1500_All important buttons are accessible. The construction feels solid, and I think this case will last a long time. It doesn’t even show dirt too badly. If you’re thinking about getting a Fire HD 6, I strongly recommend ordering this case at the same time.

It comes in a variety of colors, so there should be one to please your tastes.  went with the basic black one pictured here.

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