There were rumors this summer that a new Kindle would be released in October/November. Then Amazon doused that rumor. Now we have pictures of a slightly less fugly NEW Kindle. (Note to Amazon, hire a new designer, seriously).

Photo via Gizmodo. More pictures available through BoyGenius.

Sony unveiled it’s newest device, the PRS 700, complete with a touchscreen and integrated front light (click link for picture). Read Paul’s account of the new Sony. It’s like a battle between form and function. Want wireless, got to go with Kindle. What style and an integrated front light, then Sony is your choice.


  1. Amazon certainly know how to produce a lovely piece of kit don’t they! I never thought the first Kindle looked good but after seeing these pictures of their latest, I may have to rethink that.

    Over on the BoyGeniusReport this comment was left,

    “…sony’s new reader looks nice as well, but like usual it seems *very* PC centric (less friendly to the linux/os x world)”

    I guess by that he means the Sony doesn’t look cheap and nasty. 😉

    The Kindle seems to do the job, and people are still buying it…maybe Amazon know something we don’t.

  2. I didn’t catch this the first time around:

    >>>What style and an integrated front light, then Sony is your choice.

    Typo aside, no. Is there a general amnesia out there about the Sony Reader? It can do at least two VERY important things the abominable K can’t:

    1) Read ePub (NO one-store lock-in!)
    2) Borrow FREE public library eBooks

    So, it’s hardly styling or illumination issues that tip the scales towards the Sony Reader!

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