Victoria Veel (her pen name) was born in 1986 in Cologne, Germany, and has also lived in New York City, Bogotá, and currently in Barcelona, where she finished her Master’s degree in social sciences and business management.

Veel (pictured below) has been writing novels since she was a child, and now focuses mainly on the romance and erotica niche. Her book, “Die Verführung einer Fremden” (“Seduction of a Stranger”), was published in July 2013 and is already number one in the Erotic Fiction category in the German Kindle Store, and is now number two after the German edition of “Fifty Shades of Grey” in the regular Amazon book listings.

TeleRead: What are you doing to promote the book? Did you self-publish or find a publisher?

Victoria Veel: At the moment I’m working on my own website,, which can be visited in a few days. Also I’ll create a Facebook and Twitter account. So far I have focused much more on the writing itself than on promoting, so that’s a thing I just got started with. I’m only self-publishing on Kindle at the moment.

TR: What is the situation in Germany regarding e-books? With the current level of Kindle adoption, etc., does this make a difference in terms of gaining visibility?

VV: Germany is definitely less developed regarding e-books and the Kindle market—there are still not that many potential readers on Amazon/Kindle as there are in the U.S., for example. People are generally open to e-books though, and the market is growing, so I think it’s just a matter of time until the German market will reach much more readers.

TR: Do e-books have any advantages in terms of erotica—for instance, not showing what you’re reading in public, or what you’re buying in bookshops?

VV: I would say yes and no. It’s true that buying erotica as e-books gives much more privacy to the user and he/she won’t even get into situations like having to buy erotica in the bookstore or so. But the novels I write are more erotic romance novels, or romantic erotica, so it’s high quality and classy, and since “Shades of Grey,” erotica has become much more socially accepted and nothing to be ashamed of.

TR: What motivated you to write the book? What are you looking to do to get it into English?

VV: I love books and movies about love because it never gets old. I can write much better about things I experience myself: If I wrote a story about vampires or UFOs I wouldn’t be able to identify as much as I do with love stories. Writing about feelings I had at a certain point in my life makes it much easier for me to write realistic and emotional/passionate stories at the same time. I want readers to identify with my stories as well, and everyone [has been] involved [in] complicated relationships, passionate love, or at least the fantasy of it at least once in his or her life.

I’m planning to publish my most successful novel in English some time in the next two months.


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