Screen shot 2011 02 09 at 11 04 16 AMThe Chronicle of Higher Education has an article about the 2011 Horizon Report. This is an annual look at technology trends prepared by the New Media Consortium and Educause.

The report … notes that mobile devices have been listed before, but it says that resistance by many schools continues to slow the full integration of mobile devices into higher education. …

Of the trends that have been listed in other years, the use of electronic books is the one most likely to affect higher education in the next year, the report notes. While e-books have steadily grown in popularity among consumers, the report says adoption by the academic community was slowed by issues such as a limited number of available titles, restrictive publishing models, and rights issues. Those are mostly resolved, the report says, but accessibility issues remain.

See the article for more info and a link to the report. Thanks to Michael von Glahn for the link.


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