That’s the title of an article in eBooknewsrer.  Here’s the beginning:

For some publishers, eBooks are a scary brave new world. To help these folks navigate the waters of the digital publishing revolution and learn by example, we’ve put together a list of some of the leaders in the eBook world. It is worth exploring the work of these leading digital publishers. We’ve listed 5 innovators whose work we are watching.

In the coming weeks, we will be doing a series of posts listing leaders in the various aspects of the eBook business — from digital publishers, to app makers and eBook formatting gurus. Feel free to recommend your eBook publishing experts in the comments section.

5 eBook Publishing Experts To Watch

Mark Coker, founder of digital publishing site Smashwords: “Mark Coker founded Smashwords in 2008 to change the way books are published, marketed and sold. In June, 2010, The Wall Street Journal named Mark one of the ‘Eight Stars of Self-Publishing.’”


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