dulin-pocketbook-360.img_assist_custom.jpgDulin’s eBooks is introducing 3 new ereaders. All use the standard Vizplex display. The 5 inch includes a built-in cover and accellerometer and, using Linux, will read FB2, FB2.zip, txt, pdf, rtf, html, prc, chm, djvu, doc, epub and tcr. Included are an rss reader, calendar, notes, chess, sudoku, solitaire, ship battle and clock programs. It goes for $240.

Additionally there is a 6″ reader going for $275 and another 6″ reader with a Wacom digitizer, WiFi and a web browser, but that one is not available yet.

Thanks to E-Reader-info for the heads-up.


  1. Dulin’s is not ‘introducing’ anything. These are Pocketbooks and the Boox. The first have been available for a bit now and the second one will be available shortly from more than one distributor. They aren’t even the first outfit in the US to distribute the Pocketbook. I ordered my Pocketbook 360 from pocketbookreader.com which is based out of Staten Island. Excellent service, I might add. It shipped approximately an hour after I placed my order.

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