Wowio-iPhone-version “Amazingly,” says Wowio, the partly ad-supported e-book service, “1 in 7 recent users on Wowio are on an iPhone or iPod Touch—about equal to Mac, Linux & all other non-Windows users combined.”

So now Wowio is experimenting with an interface optimized for the  iPhone and Touch-optimized interface. It also says it’s tweaking its business model.

Read more details from Wowio’s Gary Manacsa. Help him out with feedback under his TeleRead comment. To make the results more accurate, I’ll share my opinion only after some others have done so. Why not speak up on both the interface and the current biz model?

The screenshot is of the iPhone version of the Wowio interface.

Thought: Didn’t I tell you that the iPhone/Touch would be big in e-books? Wowio’s observations jibe well with those from other companies such as Fictionwise/eReader. When will publishers and the media stop being so fixated on the Kindle, especially now that Google has made peace with many book people and is pushing Android phones. FBReader has just released an update for real Android phones, not just emulators.

Reminder for iPhoners and Touchers: Also try using the iPhone version in the portrait mode.


  1. Chris,

    We tested your logon info from an iPhone and it seems to be working correctly. In our previous testing of the interface, we’ve often found that the iPhone’s text auto-correction feature gets in the way when entering password information. Could that be what happened?

    If you continue to have problems logging in, please feel free to contact me directly at gmanacsa at wowio dot com.

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