nook simple touchI wonder if my Nook Simple Touch will become a collector’s item.

Most likely, it will just be exactly what it is now – a gadget collecting dust with the battery killed off long ago.

I haven’t used my NST in months, maybe even a year. So, it was not surprising when I read on The Digital Reader that Barnes & Noble discontinued the Nook Touch.

I didn’t have any major issues with my NST, but once I got my Google Nexus 7 two summers ago, it became my little computer away from my laptop, including an e-reader, RSS reader, Candy Crusher, Facebook updater, and so much more.

All I did on my NST was read. Just read.

That doesn’t mean I have stopped using Barnes & Noble to get ebooks. I use their e-reader app on my Nexus occasionally. However, I have found myself using Kindle or Moon + Reader far more often.

Maybe even the B&N app could be a collector’s item someday too.


  1. I like my NST very much – I prefer the font and spacing options to the ones offered by my Kindle Paperwhite, and when I buy e-books from the publisher and have my choice of format to download, I will generally pick epub. But the NST is now a totally passive e-reader; I’ve turned off the Wi-Fi and use Calibre to download the books to the Nook.

    But the reason I HAVE a Kindle is that I just couldn’t handle dealing with B&N’s customer service minions anymore. I’d spend ages on the phone dealing with issues that have been detailed in other threads about their horrible attitude in responding to customer problems. And I know that when the Nook burns out, I’ll have a new toy for my granddaughter to play with, and I’ll have no delusions about being able to call anyone to ask how to fix it.

    But until then, I like having it as an e-reader option.

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