Everything you can expect Apple to announce on Monday (Business Insider)Weekend Roundup
Apple is holding its biggest event of the year, WWDC, on June 10. It’s a developers conference, but Apple usually uses the first day to announce new products and other goodies in a big keynote presentation. So what’s on tap? Here’s everything we expect Apple to announce.

Penguin Book Truck: Mobile Bookstore to Hit the Road This Summer (HuffPo)
As a book lover, I saw a lot of things I adored last week at Book Expo America. But even though I got to meet Grumpy Cat, the coolest thing at BEA this year had to be Penguin’s book truck. (Check out the video below! —Ed.)

The Gamification of Reading (ALSC Blog)
John Hersey, author of “Hiroshima,” once worked on a committee for his children’s school to determine why children were struggling at reading. The group’s discovery was that the reason the children were struggling was because they thought the primers they were reading looked boring.

PSA: Talk to Kids About Books This Summer (GalleyCat)
With kids of all ages out of school, you will undoubtedly find yourself chatting with a little boy or girl at some point this summer. We encourage all our readers to talk with these kids about books—it’s the best kind of conversation-starter and can help undermine some cultural stereotypes at the same time.

Kindle Daily Deals: three novels by Flannery O’Connor (and 3 others)


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