bible digitizationDigitization of 550-Year-Old Bible Sparks Conversation About Publishing (GoodeReader)
A post that shared photos of a digitized Gutenberg Bible gave readers a lot of background information into the historical implications of the book itself, as well as an interesting and educated peek into the evolution of language and print.

New Creative Commons Licenses Released For Intergovernmental Organizations (Techdirt)
We’re pleased to announce a new suite of Creative Commons licenses specifically designed for intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). IGOs produce a wide array of valuable information and content, ranging from scholarly and scientific papers to environmental data.

Literary Feuds of 2013 (The New Yorker)
As 2013 draws to a close, we give you our second-annual look at the scuffles, controversies, and feisty debates that have helped keep the literary world lively over the past year.

90% of Americans Said Library Closures Would Hurt Their Community: Pew Digital Library (GalleyCat)
Ninety percent of Americans aged 16 and older said that if their local public library closed that it would impact their community, and 63 percent said that it would have a major impact.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Guilty One (and 4 others)


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