chromebookMy Two Months with a Chromebook (Dear Author)
I like to try out different types of computers, especially laptops. I’ve needed the portable form factor since I was in graduate school and through the years I’ve tried them all.

How to Choose the Right iOS App for your Notetaking Needs (GigaOM)
With so many note apps in the app store it is hard to pick the right one. Making the correct choice depends on what you are looking for as the best note apps have features all their own.

More Bad Advice on Piracy for Authors & Readers (The Digital Reader)
It is easy to see why piracy is the boogeyman of authors, and why so much time is spent fighting it and sharing tips on how to fight it. Unfortunately, not all of the advice you get from authors is good advice; sometimes it is wrong to the point of being destructive.

Interest in Tablets Waning in the US, New Research Reveals (GoodeReader)
However, the market itself seems to be losing steam, with the slowdown being attributed to market saturation.

Kindle Daily Deals: Five Books by Agatha Christie (and others)


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