marvinMarvin released an upgrade today, and while the changelog wasn’t as impressive as some I’ve seen, there’s still big news. This was the last upgrade for Marvin for iPad. Going forward, all updates will be to the universal iPhone/iPad version.

From a development perspective, that makes sense, and as a user, I much prefer universal apps. However, the universal version isn’t free. It’s $2.99 (quite reasonable for such a great app). However, even you cheapskates don’t have to worry. To aid in the transition, the app will be free for a “very limited time.” I’d interpret that to mean a couple of days at most. So hurry if you want to make the switch.

So, should you make the switch? Well, if you act fast, while it’s free, yes.

But if you are a procrastinator? The good news is that the current version is iOS 7 compatible, so it should carry you for a while. The app has become fairly mature, and I haven’t seen jaw dropping updates for a while. (Yes, that is an invitation for the developer to stop by and give us hints of amazing things to come.) So, if you like the app as it is now, you’ll probably be okay.

But $2.99 just isn’t that much to pay, so I’m going to say, if you’ve been enjoying the app and use it frequently, buy the universal version.

One cool option. If you follow Marvin on Twitter, using the link in the app, you’ll unlock a new theme, blue. While red is usually my favorite color, I’m liking the blue.

One last thing. I’m asking Santa for an Android version to come soon. I’d be grateful if you asked him too.


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