A blog devoted to the IDPF‘s .epub format has started up—this on top of word that Penguin U.K. will offer .epub books to consumers. The full name is ePub Books: Information & Resources on the IDPF ePub Standard.

I don’t know who’s behind the blog—any connections with the IDPF or companies belonging to the organization?—but it’s nice to see this new interest. Hey, Mr./Ms. ePub, let us know if you can. Catch up with me via e-mail if nothing else, so that perhaps we can team up on some matters. Meanwhile the TeleBlog will continue its .epub coverage and provide a forum for those with suggestions for standard setters. The best suggestions, sure enough, often begin as criticisms, and we don’t want punches pulled.

Needed: Creation and reader apps

Now, if we can get developers of creation tools and reader apps to start doing what they do best. For the moment, however, the open source FBReader, although not perfect, is just fine for enjoying .epub books from our friends at Feedbooks.

Also needed: An official logo from the IDPF with an “Intel Inside” approach for nonDRMed .epub files, so people will know that various .epub apps work with .epub books and vice versa. The current unofficial logo comes us courtesy of BookGlutton.

The basics: For those tuning in late, .epub is the book industry’s efforts to deal with the Tower of eBabel, so that for example, the same bestseller that displays on your Cybook will also work someday on your Sony Reader or Kindle or cell phone.

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  1. I was just visiting that blog. It has some good, basic information. I wanted to contact the mystery blog author about some additional information, but there is no email address. The only other method of contact that I can see is to comment on a blog entry (not really what I had in mind), but this requires that I create a log-in account. Now, I already have dozens of log-ins that I have to keep track of for various web sites. I really don’t want to create yet another, just to leave an occasional comment on some blog. Perhaps the mystery blogger will post an email address, or at least use a commenting method like the one used here at TeleRead.

  2. Hi David, no connections with the IDPF here I’m afraid.

    Like many people reading the TeleRead blog, I’ve been following the development of the epub format and I’m very keen for it to become the standard book format. However, I noticed there was a serious lack of community discussion – except for here of course – where are all the blogs, forums and mailing lists? Thus the reason I started this new blog.

    Over the last year and a half I’ve been developing tools to convert Project Gutenberg Plain-Vanilla TXT files into TEI documents. Now once I’ve learned how to use XSL I want to transform these to the .epub format, along with PDF and some others. Starting a blog seemed a great way to pass along what I learn during this process.

    @Joseph: The mystery was not intentional, I just didn’t think this blog would surface for a good few months yet! I’ve now created a Contact page and opened the comments so you don’t need to register.

    Yes, at the moment the information is quite basic – I only registered the domain a couple of weeks ago! – but I’m hoping to expand on this over the coming months.

    @everyone: The site is very new so please bear with me while I get it up to speed – heck, I don’t even have a personalised template yet!

    Blogs are only as good as the content they provide, I will do my best to make it so but if anyone has good information, guides, links or other ideas please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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