Happy Friday, TeleReaders! We’ve got an important question for you today, and we would truly appreciate hearing from as many of you as possible.

It has to do with our previous practice of republishing Calibre’s weekly updates (bug fixes, new features and so on) every Friday.

We haven’t yet decided if this is a practice we should continue, or halt immediately, and that’s where you come in: Regardless of whether you log onto TeleRead five times a day or five times a year, we sincerely value your opinions. (Seriously. We’re not joking. We really do want to know what you think.)

So with that in mind, if you’d like to give us a hand and share your thoughts …



  1. HALT.

    Calibre notifies the user of updates automatically itself.

    Review major functionality or interface changes by all means.

  2. I took the survey but declined to have that survey monkey on my back so declined the FB link that pesky simian was begging for.

    Let’s see a more substantive set of survey questions next time such as what we’d like to see in addition to summaries and links.

  3. Seems a consensus. Unless there are major changes, let Calibre do the heavy lifting. If there is a major change (e.g., new platforms, major feature enhancements, etc.) then let us know.

    Rob Preece

  4. It could go either way. I use Calibre rarely, so when I see that there is an update…while browsing on teleread, then I usually go update it. On the other hand, every time I open Calibre, it tells me that there is an update, then I update. So it really doesn’t matter to me whether you keep the announcement or not.

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