TeleRead logoWhy, yes … the rumors are true! TeleRead is currently looking for a writer to join the team.

If you have a decent amount of writing experience (and can prove it to us by sharing links to your published articles, essays, reviews or blog posts), and if you’re fairly obsessed with e-books, e-readers, the digital publishing industry (and the tumultuous changes currently taking place therein), you may very well be the right man or woman for the job. In which case, keep reading for the details.

TeleRead is an online publication offering daily news and opinion about e-books, e-reading, digital publishing, copyright, and a wide range of other topics related to the many changes taking place in the publishing industry today. TeleRead is also the world’s oldest-known e-books and e-reading website, and was launched by David H. Rothman of

blogging knuckle tattooRight now, we’re looking for someone to come aboard as a part-time freelance writer—preferably, someone who can write a minimum of one (fantastic) blog post each weekday. Applicants should preferably know their way around the WordPress content management system, although that’s not a requirement. Here are the skills we’re most interested in:

In terms of the very wide-ranging digital publishing industry, TeleRead reporters need to have a significantly high level of knowledge, no matter which aspect they’re asked to cover. Those of you who follow the site regularly know that our content runs the gamut: We might review a new Android tablet and a popular iOS e-reading app, for instance, on the same day we cover news of a federal copyright case or (ahem!) an antitrust lawsuit.

We publish a lot of personal essays about the e-reading experience and the lifestyle that inevitably surrounds it. But we also scour the Internet for information about how digital reading is being adopted internationally, in both developed and developing nations. Occasionally we cover conferences and trade shows. Sometimes we republish relevant press releases. And every now and again, we even manage to break news.

In other words? If it affects the universe of digital reading and digital publishing, we’re probably interested—and if you’d like to join our team, you should be interested (and knowledgeable to some degree) in those very same topics.

Interested applicants should send an email to with “Contributing Writer” in the subject line. In 400 words or less, tell us a bit about the role the e-reading industry plays in your life, and include a brief list of any e-reading (or e-reading capable) gadgets you own or have regular access to.

We’d also like to know about your writing background: the publications you’ve written for, the various beats you’ve covered, etc. If you have any online writing samples you’d like to share, please include links within the body of your email, but do not include attachments of any sort. The same goes for your resume: Feel free to send a link to your resume if it lives somewhere online, but please don’t include it as an attachment. (Any and all emails with attachments will be deleted—unopened and unread.)

And to all you aspiring writers: Consider this a prime opportunity to break into the field. If you have a day job, this isn’t a bad way at all to make some extra cash, and to beef up your published work portfolio at the same time. Thanks, and we hope to hear from you.

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