reading rainbowHM Ward on Literary Agents and the Indie Author Industry (GoodeReader)
Even though the “indie author revolution” and self-publishing as a valid form of content distribution are currently enjoying a never-before-seen rate of success and acceptance, the landscape itself is still evolving as players from every aspect of the industry still work through the system.

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Raises $6 Million With Help from Seth McFarlane (NY Daily News)
LeVar Burton announced Wednesday that the literacy project raised a total of $6.4 million in five weeks.

eBook Stores: Google vs Kobo (Sydney Morning Herald)
E-books make it easy to carry around an entire library in your pocket, but choose your e-book format and store with care.

The Bestselling Books of 2014 (So Far) (Publishers Weekly)
Young adult novels reigned over the top halves of the print and Kindle bestseller lists for the first six months of the year.

Kindle Daily Deals: Various books in different genres, no particular one highlighted


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