Iwasaki.jpgFrom the Wall Street Journal

The light weight iPad reader has added fuel to Japan’s budding e-book industry even though Apple’s digital bookstore iBookstore is not yet open for business in Japan. Still, the healthy stable of iPad and iPhone applications on offer via the Japanese iTunes store allows users to pick through a well-stocked library of choice reads . . .

Sandwiched between two comics at number 38 in the rankings for the most downloaded book for the iPhone at Apple’s App Store in Japan is Japan’s surprise runaway bestseller this year, “What If the Female Manager of a High School Baseball Team Read Drucker’s Management” . . .

The girl-power management novel ranks even higher among paid-for iPad applications where it sits at No. 13. About 57,000 copies of the 1.11 million printed were downloaded as e-books since the paperback was published in December 2009, according to Sadaaki Kato, associate editor at Diamond Inc., the book’s publishing house.

You can read more about the book here at Eugene Woodbury’s blog.


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