UK horror and dark fiction magazine Supernatural Tales is holding a very limited-time offer for free PDF downloads of back issues, some nine in all, via its usual publication platform, “Issues from ST#17 onward will be available there indefinitely,” states the publisher and founding editor, David Longhorn, but the giveaways are strictly short-time. “It’s a limited time offer, but for the next day or so you can have issues 17 to 25 for nothing,” he states.

Subscription prices for the magazine run at $45.00 annually for US and ROW, or £25.00 for the UK, for three issues per year. Individual issues run at around $7.28 each on, though actual list price fluctuates slightly, so there’s a obviously a substantial saving involved in this offer. Writers include Lynda E. Rucker, Richard Gavin, S.P. Miskowski, and a slew of other authors, as well as reviews and other articles. Issues can run as long as 98 pages.

“We’re fortunate to have a splendid array of stories that cover all bases, so to speak, within the broad field of the supernatural tale,” Longhorn writes in the introduction to issue #24, for autumn 2013. “Sad to say, the magazine field is distinctly thinner than it was when I started, and the migration of short fiction to the internet and eBook continues apace.”

The magazine’s own blog is also recommended for a quick rundown on horror publications and events of interest, and the editor’s own inputs on the genre, which also tend to confirm the quality of his taste. All in all, looks like a must-have for any fans of the genre. What have you to lose aside from a few minutes of time and a few megabytes of memory?



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