Sony ReaderBill McCoy at Adobe has just blogged this. “Sony wil be incorporating Digital Editions capabilities, including EPUB and Adobe DRM support, into the Sony Reader product line.” (Thanks, Tamas.)

Nice going, Sony. Between a nonproprietary format, a better display and improved search capabilities, I’m looking forward to trying out the new version of the Reader.

From news release: “Leading publishers, online retailers and channel partners have announced their support for Adobe Digital Editions today (see separate quote sheet ). By using a new export feature built into Adobe InDesign® CS3, publishers can easily create new Adobe Digital Editions-ready content, helping to significantly reduce cost and conversion time. In addition, with versions for mobile platforms and reading devices also planned, Sony has committed to embed Adobe Digital Editions technology into its portable reader product line.”

De-babeling e-bookdom

Hear those loud thuds? It’s a big part of the Tower of eBabel falling to the ground. Looks as if Nixon’s on the way to China (just joshing, Roger—you’ve been right about your share of things that I missed out on).

The Amazon-Mobi angle: Will Sony’s laudable move put new pressure on Amazon-Mobi to do the IDPF format all the way—both with the reader and at the store level? Amazon herded its customers into the Mobi format, but hopefully will now adjust. At the Reader end, Mobi’s already taken first steps. Of course, that still leaves open the issue of DRM-created incompatibilities, which the IDPF can hopefully address in the near future with Amazon/Mobi’s cooperation.

Related: The first-look DE 1.0 review I wrote today. Also see item on the ill-fated Sony Connect store. What will the format change mean for the e-book side—since Sony is wisely looking beyond the BBeB format? Will the store be reinvented as a source of IDPF-format books? As for existing readers, I wonder there are technical obstacles to allowing Digital Editions upgrades. I hope not. Good luck to Sony and its customers on these issues!


  1. Well, you know how much I love DRM. 😉 But as a practical matter, I hate to limit my selection of books.

    BTW, for the curious, Robdert and I must have been both thinking simultaneous thoughts about Mobi/Amazon. I made several revision to the post.


  2. now.. if they would give us – who bought the reader – a firmware update… that would be sweet!
    Given the fact that their public image is the way it is, this would be a great opportunity! Sony, do you hear me?

  3. I am still not able to import epub format in My Sony Reader (prs505silver). Please suggest how can I run epub format within Sony Reader.

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