Sony PSP displaying Yahoo websiteThe Sony Playstation Portable is reportedly selling for a mere $159 if you use the right coupons at Dell. The display is 4.3 inches with 480×272-pixel res. I’m not sure if software exists to change the orientation from portrait to landscape, but those specs are still enticing from afar. Plus, it comes with WiFi and Web browsing software, and a new firmware upgrade will even allow you to hear podcasts.

So when’s Sony going to let the PSP read Mobipocket or another commonly used e-book format beyond HTML? I suppose the usual corpocrats would insist on a Sony format and worry about undercutting the $350 Sony Reader. Still, you can work around Sony’s consumer-hostile approach. And who knows? Maybe the next firmware upgrade will include software to let you read DRMed BBeB books–Sony Reader or not. If Sony really wants to think “iPod of e-books,” perhaps it shouldn’t let the 4.3-inch screen go to waste. Meanwhile I’d welcome reports from any TeleBlog readers who own PSPs.

Caveat: Maybe I’m too optimistic. Bingle, author of some great TeleBlog comments, who just happens to work for Sony, undoubtedly will still think so. He says the battery life isn’t right. But with the Sony marked down to $159, his cost argument won’t hold as much water as before from a consumer perspective. As for battery life, I’ve heard of worse. OK, Bingle, your turn.

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  1. Sony just released a new firmware update for the PSP (version 2.70) which includes Flash 6 support and improves the podcast capability, among other things. It’s not inconceivable that they could add e-book reading facilities (beyond just the web browser) to it at a later date.

  2. Its $179 with free shipping the coupon code is for $20 dollars off and free shipping. Dang I would of bought it at 159 but at 179 mmm ill wait.

  3. Hmm. Did you try to use two coupons? If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll change the headline. Meanwhile I’ve stuck a “reportedly” in the lead and linked to your comment.

    Of course, it’s possible that Dell raised the price in response to the demand created by publicity over the discount.

    Also, I wonder if Dell might be trying some pricing keyed to individual customers or the places where they live.

    Note: Even at $179, the PSP would be quite a bargain compared to the usual $250 street price.


  4. You can store html files on the memory stick so anything
    you can save as html you can read on a PSP. Project
    Gutenburg has a ton of books in html ready for download.
    The PSP’s screen is of extremely high quality. I do not find
    eye fatigue to be a problem unless in am reading for several
    hours. You’ll have to do a fare bit of scrolling when reading
    because the screen isn’t very tall but this isn’t a big problem.
    Battery life is about four hours when reading text.

  5. My bad, 1 coupon is deducted automatically the other needs more information in which it is deducted later twords the end of the process.

  6. I’ve followed instructions on this URL from Nico Roehr :

    There’s two issues I’ve came across:
    1 – there’s a cache limit of 2048 kB (I think default is 512 so you’ll have to incrase it). If your file is longer you’ll have to cut it into several files…
    2 – If you have several files you’ll need to open each of them and entering text is not precisely easy on the PSP interface… you may create a simple html file with an index with links with every file on your memmory card.

    This may also be used to keep all your most common URLs if you use your PSP a lot (since the bokmarck are also very limited (I believe it can hold up to 6) so, just keep a bookmarck to this sinlge file and keep adding links inside it.

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