So I was sitting on the worst part of the plane flight, right after they told me to shut off all electronic devices. Being a good traveler, I stowed my Kindle and looked around for something to do. Ah! SkyMall magazine. Always a good way to waste a few minutes.

In and around the usual silliness, I found a couple of items that would actually be useful to an e-book reader. What do you think of these?

1. iPad Power Case ($129.95)

iPad batteries are good, but they can’t stand up to marathon reading sessions. This one sports a 9000mAh battery, which should give you plenty of power to finish even the latest Wheel of Time book.

2. The Slanket ($21.99 – $40.99)

Unfortunate name aside, this is great. I have a similar one, and I love it for cozying up with a book on a chilly night. Mine gets lots of use while camping during the early spring and fall.

The Siamese Slanket







3. Seal Shield for iPad ($29.99)

Want to read your iPad on the beach? This makes your device waterproof, and, though the don’t specify, probably sandproof as well. A great beach companion. Now if they’d just make one for Kindles and smaller tablets…

4. E-Reader Buddies ($21.95 – $24.95)

Has anyone tried one of these? They look like they might be useful, but I’ve never been sure. I’ve tried reading in bed with a lap desk, and it never works. The angle isn’t right, or I can’t place my hands comfortably. I’m thinking this might have similar problems, but if anyone has real-life experience, please share.

Feel free to share any gadgets I might have missed… 


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