Talk about brilliant: When RoyaltyShare founder Bob Kohn filed a 25-page amicus brief at the conclusion of the most recent chapter of the DoJ e-book price-fixing case, he was told the brief was being rejected by the court. Why? It was too long. (This came as a surprise to Kohn: His 25-page argument was originally 93 pages; he had managed to chop out nearly three-quarters of it already.)

Of course, the court told him, if he wished to submit an amended brief, that would be perfectly fine! Just make sure you keep it to five pages. 

At that point, I suspect most average citizens would have simply throw their hands in the air, sighed loudly, and given up. But Kohn had a different idea: “I thought of the idea of using pictures which, as we know, paint a thousand words,” he said, in an email sent to the New York Times.

You can read reporter Julie Bosman’s story at the Times’ Media Decoder blog, here. But as for the punchline: Kohn literally turned his amicus brief into a five-page comic book. (Or to be more specific, a series of comic strips.) And then he filed it with the court.

To view the entire five-page comic yourself, click here. (PDF)