ImagesThat’s the title of an article in The Telegraph:

Nearly six in ten teenagers are reading books electronically.

40.8% of teenagers have used computers to read books, with a further 17.2% reading on a mobile, says a survey of reading habits released to celebrate World Book Day 2011. 13.3% of teens have used tablet gadgets such as Apple’s iPad, ahead of 9.3% who read using e-Readers, including the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader.

The results come as Bloomsbury chief executive Nigel Newton announced earlier this week that 2011 will be the ‘year of the e-book’, pointing to a major expansion in the number of people reading on-screen.

Print books still look unlikely to go out of fashion in the immediate future however, with both adults and teenagers ranking them ahead of news, comics, e-books and magazines as their preferred media.


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