Wonder how well the Harry Potter e-books are selling? PaidContent reports that it could have been tricky to figure out, given that the books will not appear on the e-book bestseller lists of any of the e-book stores that are working in conjunction with Pottermore to sell it.

However, Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne appeared on The Bookseller’s “The Naked Book” podcast to reveal that the site sold over £1 million ($1.59 million) worth of e-books in the first three days. (The show itself doesn’t appear to be available on The Naked Book’s page yet, but probably will be by tomorrow.) PaidContent estimates that, at an average price of $9.13, that works out to about 164,000 e-books. (I think the figure might even be a little low, since I’m not sure it takes into account the 10% off bundle price if you buy all seven books at once.)

Could the site have sold more books if the price was lower? Maybe. But Rowling isn’t exactly hurting for money as it is, and 164,000 e-books in three days for as well-pirated a series as Harry Potter is still pretty impressive.


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