palmtx You get a free Z22 handheld if you buy a Palm TX from Palm’s online store. The question is, “Who cares?” The $99 Z22 might be nice as a spare or as a cheapie to take to the beach. But as some say, wouldn’t you rather pay less than the $299 the store now charges for the TX?

What Palm should be doing: Turning the TX into the awesome e-book reader it could become. Meanwhile, as has been suggested, Palm could update the firmware for those who preferred the usual TX.

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  1. This is interesting – I picked up my TX direct from the palm store for $199 and they included the keyboard and a case. I’d much rather see that deal again….

  2. Z22 is pretty useless if you want to make use of the alarm features. Once it’s stuffed in a pocket it’s almost inaudible no matter what you change the alarm sound to even at maximum volume.

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