olpcebookYou now have until Dec. 31, not just Nov. 26, to participate in the “Give one, get one” program for the e-book-friendly OLPC laptop. What’s more, the program is going global (but read the fine print on shipping and the rest).

Francois should like that. Perhaps the publicity in the unofficial OLPC News and TeleRead helped turn things around. Nice going, OLPC!

Reminder: Due to DRM on many commercial books, you might not be able to read everything you want, although Mobipocket might be a possibility. ( Updated spotted via OLPC News.)

For more: Techmeme roundup.

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  1. “Francois should like that.”

    Hello David,

    Yes, It’s a step in the good direction :)
    unfortunately still limited in time and with a disappointing small-print :(

    “””If I live outside of the US or Canada, may I participate in Give One Get One?
    Yes, but only if you provide a shipping address within the US or Canada.”””

    For me, it’s like if I was buying an ASUS Eee on amazon.fr and have to provide a shipping address in Taiwan… O_o
    So I’ll still wait for a real distribution of the XO.

    Meanwhile I’m spending some time around Eee forums and blogs.
    The Eee continues to sell very fast and is now also out of stock on amazon.com:
    “This item will arrive after December 24.”

    I’ve also seen this thread with people sharing their point of view about the Eee as an ebook reader:

    Teachers also seem to like the Eee:

    The coming weeks and months will be interesting.

    Thanks again David for your great blog.


  2. Hi, Hadrien. You’re in luck if you can wait just a bit. I’ve got an XO on the way to me, and know other owners. Whatever I can do to help. I’m sorry I don’t have the machine now. My hunch is that your Sony version of PDF will be at least a start even if it isn’t perfect. David

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