60 Minutes“If you’re wondering if the One Laptop will be available in the U.S., right now Negroponte’s in talks with some states and school districts. He says it will be sold commercially in the future, but you’ll have to buy two: one for your child and one for a child in a poor country.” – CBS News Web site page based on last night’s 60 Minutes program. Story begins here.

More information: Hmm. $175 X 2 = $350—the same as a typical price on an E Ink tablet without all the laptop’s features. And prices of both will undoubtedly decline. What’s more, you very likely be able to buy a similar machine directly or indirectly from OLPC’s supplier in Taiwan. TeleBlog community members already know of the potential of the high-res screen for e-books.

Meanwhile check out OLPC News’ take on the 60 Minutes segment (includes video), during which ON’s Wayan Vota appeared. While excited by the possibilities, he expressed concerns in such areas as the cost of the laptops for cash-strapped countries. Also see Engadget on the Negroponte-Intel feud.


  1. “Don’t believe all you hear.”

    I notice that this tidbit was indirectly quoted by Stahl — we didn’t see Negroponte state this himself. Stahl seems to be 60 Minutes’ ‘tech maven’ as she generally covers such stories, though I don’t see that she seems very tech-savvy from those reports.

    There are in any case so many rumors flying about the OLPC that it seems the only sensible course to wait until an offer is officially made, and evaluate it at the time.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Pond. I myself suspect she quoted him accurately, but with OLPC, anything’s possible—given the group’s changing positions. Let’s see if an OLPC Deal is even necessary, given the probable chance to buy the machine from other sources. – David

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