According to the BBC, the OLPC laptop will go on sale, in the “Give One, Get One” mode, in Europe on November 17. The machine will cost 268Pounds (313 euros) and will be available in 27 EU nations, as well as Switzerland, Turkey and Russia.

The original idea for the OLPC was to create a small, powerful laptop for school children that would sell in the millions yet cost less than $100.
The final version of the machine ended up costing about $188 and the OLPC group has only sold about 600,000 of the machines.
Many nations have expressed an interest in using the XO but few have signed up to buy them in the numbers expected by the OLPC organisation. Most recently the Caldas region of Colombia signed up to buy 65,000 XO machines.
The XO has also faced competition from Intel’s Classmate laptop. In September, Venezuela ordered one million Classmate laptops for its school children.


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