oldmanswar2 Not only did Tor make good on its promise of an Old Man’s War freebie, it also provided the book in HTML and Mobipocket formats, not just PDF (.epub, too, in time?). Nice! Go here for more info on Tor’s free books—intended to hook you on authors, especially those of series.

On OMW itself: I wondered if John Scalzi could pull off the same magic he did in Agent to the Stars. The answer is, Yes. How many sci-fi novels begin, “I did two things on my seventy-fifth birthday. I visited my wife’s grave. Then I joined the army”?


  1. I signed up just a day or two before it appeared in my emailbox. Did you know you can grab more than one format? You can! (Hmmm… I went for PDF and Mobi. I didn’t think of the .epub angle the other commenter mentioned. Still, the PDF will be handy when I can bloody have a Sony Reader with that new PDFware.)

  2. My only frustration is that the rest of Scalzi’s books are not available as electronic books! Is this a sign Tor will be publishing ebooks now? Or is this their attempt to get people to buy more pbooks?

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