In response to your feedback, we have re-implemented the commenting system we used on TeleRead prior to the change we made in late June.

All comments previously posted using the new tool still exist on TeleRead posts, but now readers will post comments using the tool they were accustomed to when TeleRead relaunched earlier this year.

Readers will still be able to react to posts and to share TeleRead content to their social media fans and followers using the share bar that appears at the beginning and end of each post.


  1. Excellent! I never really liked that new system; felt that it was harming the discussion community that had grown up around our articles. Hopefully we’ll see more people commenting again.

  2. Thanks for changing it back. I had noticed that there were many fewer comments under the “new” system and it was often easier to just move on to the next story versus going through the effort to comment under that system.

  3. Yay! I can comment without enabling all the javascript crud.

    And Howard will be happy that you’re still sticking with something other than ReCAPTCHA :).

  4. Old commenting system = good. New = bad. I found myself posting less with the new system, so hopefully this should change things.

  5. You are so right Alan 😉 … I have been checking in from time to time but almost abandoned the site…

    Though I do welcome back the old system (but only because it is better than the ‘new’ one) .. I am pretty dumbfounded as to why a bunch of supposed tech heads cannot implement a decent modern comment system properly. I managed a web design business several years ago and I also comment on many others forums that seem to have no problem. Strange and disappointing, though I know well that Paul is not part of that bunch 😉

    Anyway .. back to the future !

  6. Robert – DISQUS is excellent, but please please let’s not ask for any changes … look what happened to us last time ! :)

    I am also very pleased with the expanded Recent Comments Section on the main page, though why the old one is still included in the article pages beats me .. however I AM NOT asking for any changes !!! . . .

  7. I am experiencing a very irritating ‘timing out’ of the Captcha commenting process over many weeks.

    If I delay more than a minute or two in posting my comment, the Captcha fails and I have to go back and post it again after ‘refreshing’ the Captcha code.

    Anyone else ?

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