3g whispernetHow Amazon Whispernet for Kindle 3G Really Works (GoodeReader)
Whispernet internet access is provided by AT&T and gives owners the ability to browse the web, purchase eBooks and download content. The big point of confusion that e-reader owners have, is what are the limitations?

Wattpad Acquires Red Room Writer’s Site (Publishers Weekly)
Wattpad, an online writing and reading community, has acquired the Red Room, an online community originally described as a “Facebook for authors.” The Red Room site will be subsumed into Wattpad and go offline beginning July 8.

Amazon Makes a Direct Offer to Hachette Authors; Here’s the Full Letter (GigaOM)
Amazon is proposing that Hachette authors receive 100 percent of the sale of each of their ebooks during the companies’ ongoing negotiations. But the letter it sent this week may largely be a PR move.

HarperCollins’ New Website Focuses on eCommerce (Galley Cat)
HarperCollins Publishers has redesigned its website with new capabilities that make it easier for readers to buy books directly from the publisher, in a move to have a more direct relationship with its customers.

Kindle Daily Deals: A Three Dog Life (and others)

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  1. The harpercollins site is busted. I tried lookng at their scifi selection and couldn’t get past the first 12 titles. Hitting next page or setting the number per page to something larger kicked me out to the “all” selection so 22,000 books to browse instead of 200. I’m not looking at 22,000 books in the hopes of finding something to read.

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