ZDNet’s Microsoft reporter, Mary Jo Foley, has something of a rumor-piece posted that’s definitely worth a read … at least for those of you interested in staying abreast of the latest self-publishing services and active-reading apps.

Here’s the takeaway, beginning with a little background info:

After settling a patent dispute back in April, Microsoft and Barnes & Noble formed “a new venture to focus on e-reading and the education market.” On April 30, according to a Microsoft press release, the two companies announced both “a strategic partnership” and a new e-book subsidiary, Newco, which “will bring together the digital and College businesses of Barnes & Noble.”

As yet as Foley points out in her article, “Microsoft and Barnes & Noble officials have said next-to-nothing about what’s going on between the two companies since [the April partnership announcement.]”

After digging online for clues, Foley says she found an open job posting on the Microsoft website calling “for someone to work on the ‘V1 (version 1) team’ that is working on developing products and services for ‘active reading.'”

What exactly could that mean? Tough to say, although Foley suspects is could be a note-taking app, or perhaps some sort of self-publishing platform designed to work within the Microsoft Office suite. Then again, it could have something to do with the Courier, Microsoft’s previously-cancelled dual-screen tablet.


[See Foley’s ZDNet story here.]


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