John ScalziJohn Scalzi, Jonathan Lethem, Strobe Talbott, Steve Levy and Kelly Link are among the videoed participants in the Authors@Google series. That’s a self-altered photo of Scalzi, by the way.

The series, says the official Google blog, covers topics ranging “from literary fiction to science fiction, sociology to technology, politics to business.” Not everyone’s appearance in the series, apparently, is viewable—I couldn’t find a Martin Amis video from it, for example.

Related: Online home of the Authors@Google project and the YouTube video archive for it. Also see Techmeme roundup. Speaking of Amis, see a The Amis Inheritance in the New York Times Magazine.

Also of interest to lit-lovers: Martin Chabon feature in today’s Times. What if Sitka, Alaska, had ended up a Jewish homeland? That’s the super-intriguing premise of his latest novel—The Yiddish Policemen’s Union. Unfortunately, I don’t see an e-edition listed yet on the HarperCollins site. Meanwhile enjoy a Simpsons spoof on Chabon vs. Jonathan Franzen and the art of blurb-rolling.


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