all_magazines.pngGoogle Books has digitzed a whole bunch of magazines, including over 1,860 issues of LIFE. Some of the others are Jet, Baseball Digest, Black World, Boys Live, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Timber Home LIving, Vegetarian Times, Mother Jones Magazine, National Parks, Jazz Times, and others.

It was always hard to see what had been processed but now they have put up a series of pages showing just what’s available. Their Blog talks a bit about it.


  1. For archives and research of les temps perdu, this is great. BUT: “Why do we need to read current 2009 and 2010 magazines and newspapers on screens? Is watching a DVD of a movie on a small screen om the back of a seat in an airplane a real movie-going experience? No way. So why do we need e-readers that can “screen” magazines and newspapers for us to read. The real magazine is best. The real newspaper is best. Are we short of paper? No. We do not need these gadgets. Enough already. Let magazines be magazines. Let blogs on screens by blogs. Screens are cool. Ereaders are cool. They have their place. But let’s not replace magazines and newspapers. Say it aint so! Let real paper books be real books. Use e-readers like a portable computer screen. Be screeny. Long live screeniness! Use computers and the like for hunting and gathering. Keep paper reading alive. Don’t put everything on screens. That is the wrong way to go. (Is anyone listening? Hello, hello! Anybody home?)”

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