image How’d you like your laptop to be seized for perhaps months? Even if Washington hadn’t found suspicion of wrongdoing? U.S. Senator Russell Feingold hopes to introduce legislation against such Orwellian tactics.

Meanwhile, if you’re subject to border searches, be sure you back up your data, including your e-book library, just in case you’re among the few chosen for attention. And also be careful not to tote around books offensive to D.C.’s puritans.

I love the way Washington is making America attractive to international trade and tourism. MAJOR sarcasm alert!

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  1. Unfortunately a new law won’t have any effect at all. The current administration has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to disregard laws that impede the implementation of its policies; they assert Presidential authority, a district court disagrees, and the appeals process begins. The arguments will resound in the courts for years to come, and nothing will be resolved until long after the current administration has left office.

    Our only hope is that the next administration will be a bit more enlightened than the present one with regard to civil liberties and that the concept of probable cause will once again carry some weight in matters like this.

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