image Barnes & Noble today started sending out the first firmware upgrade to speed up the pokey Nook. On a B&N message board, a Nook user named Tracyreads writes:

“It’s done, software now says version 1.1.0. So far, the extra step to chose ‘Read’ when you select a book in your library is gone, and when you select ‘reading now’ it does not say ‘formating’… Hope battery life improves, but I am disappointed to see that there still isn’t an option to go to a specific page or location in a book, especially since the update caused the nook to lose my place in the book I was reading.”

Relekais, another user, says: “Page turns are faster,  and no formatting to go back to the book that I was reading, pretty cool actually.”

Big thanks to Brad Vertrees of Brad’s Reader for emailing the tip that inspired me to check out the board! If we have this story first and it’s a global scoop, Brad’s the one responsible!

Related: Past Nook mentions in the TeleRead blog. Also see less-than-stellar PC World review of the Nook as published in the Washington Post. Will the upgrade change some reviewers’ minds?


  1. If this update is representative of how things will be going, I’m glad to have pre-ordered a nook (arrives this week, I guess I am in the second batch of shipments). A lot of critical fixes, and it shipped pretty quickly after the device’s release. I used one extensively at Barnes and Noble, and saw the promise + the rough edges. I decided to not cancel my pre-order, but knew that my happiness would hinge on a couple of relatively quick updates.

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